What We Do

Using Tivital's many years of experience across a variety of roles, we are able to provide services ranging from Interim Management through to individal services tailored to meet your needs in the following areas:

  • Innovation Leadership

  • Product Management & New Product Introduction

  • Digital & Business Tranformsation Prograsmmes

  • Proposition Development For SMEs

Innovation Leadership

B2B clients and consumers now expect their suppliers to demonstrate innovation as part of their ongoing relationship and constantly bringing innovation to their products and services.  However, many companies struggle to do this on an ongoing basis or even at all.


If you are one of those organisations, Tivital is able to help you address these problems through a range of services that can include:

  • Interim Head of Innovation

  • Client Innovation Programme to demonstrate innovation to your business clients

  • Develop and implement programmes to create an innovative culture

  • Innovation Readiness Assessments

  • Open Innovation and innovation outreach programmes

  • Design and run internal innovation challenges

  • Horizon Scanning 

  • Creation and ongoing management of an innovation radar and innovation funnel

  • Lead innovation development projects

  • Develop staff to manage the innovation function on an ongoing basis.

Product Management & NPI

The development and introduction of new products and services can often be the most challenging part of a product manager's role.

Tivital has many years of experience of ongoing product management and NPI, in large multinational organisations as well as smaller early-stage companies.

We are able to support you with a range of services including:

  • Interim Product Management

  • Roadmapping

  • Lead release planning and development programmes

  • Product launch, lifecycle and end of life planning 

  • Proposition development and product marketing

  • Partner management

Although these services can be applied to any market, Tivital has specific expertise in areas such as:

  • Internet of Things

  • Robotic Process Automation

  • Workforce mobilisation and digitisation

Digital & Business Transformation

Digital & Business Transformation is a hot topic for most private and public sector organisations as they strive to: increase revenues, reduce costs, improve customer service or better engage with their employees.

Tivital has experience of supporting clients with the definition and execution of their transformation programmes.  This is not only the technical elements of those programmes but how an organisation changes their processes and operational models to be able to realise the benefits generated by the use of technology.

Digital & Business Transformation
Proposition Development for SMEs

Usually, small and medium-sized businesses only get one chance to pitch their proposition to prospective clients.  Often this is in a one-minute elevator pitch at an event.

We find that many SMEs are so passionate about their product, service or the technology, that they struggle to adequately convey the value their proposition creates for the client.

Through our client-side and SME experience, we are well placed to work with SMEs to develop their proposition, and its messaging, in a way that relates to prospective clients.  Additionally, we can help you practice your presentation to maximise the impact you make in the time available.